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Google wants to be your bank and give you some benefits.

Google, the world’s most important technology company, has decided to take a big step towards innovation and this time it enters the banking industry. The Wall Street Journal report indicates that Google plans to provide current accounts in 2020 through a new financial project. “Cache” is the code name for …

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New submarine cable installed for Google Internet complete

Google owns many marine cables owned or shared. Along with companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook, they’ve shown great interest in this type of infrastructure for about 10 years. In April 2019, internet giant Google had 6 of these active submarine cables, and plans to have another eight ready in …

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The password is no longer enough to access your Netflix account! Learn about new procedures you want to apply for this purpose

Netflix is currently experiencing intense competition for the emergence of new movie-watching platforms such as Disney+ as well as other old platforms such as Hulu, HBO and Amazon Prime, and with the estimated $1.6 billion losses that Netflix has suffered recently due to account sharing and use by multiple people, …

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