In this new blog i brought you one of the coolest beautiful applications that everyone is looking for and this application is a beautiful keyboard application got more than 100 million downloads on Google Play and the application is not free, it is priced more than $59 when downloading it from Google Play and of the features it contains It has the best interface and is easy to use and supports more than 60 languages and a range of languages will be added on demand as keyboard codes are compatible with all common applications, including SMS, Gmail, WhatsApp, etc.

It is also a feature of the application that it contains more than 800 copies of emojiand other cute and smiling smiley smiley faces where they are grouped into different categories so you can find them very quickly.
Also in the app there are more than 10,000 colorful features on the market and are compatible with the GO keyboard. In addition, the app has many features that make your writing more fun and faster, such as voice input and audio recorder.

The app allows you to recognize typographical errors and provide you with correction suggestions
The app contains different layouts, tablet support and gesture writing, providing different configurations such as QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY for phone mode, and other specific tablet models. You can also move your finger on the screen for quick entry.
App download link ..  Mega or up-4ever

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