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Four steps to do to increase the efficiency and speed of the SSD hard drive

SSD storage discs are great when compared to HDD discs so everyone is trying to own a Hard SSD because of its speed of work so in this blog you will know what to do once you install the new Hard SSD in your computer or laptop to help you achieve For maximum use of speed and performance.

First: Activate the OP feature to prolong the life of the hard

Manufacturers are recommended to activate the OP feature, which blocks 7 to 10% of the total disk size, so that even if it is full of files, there remains unused space, which improves long-term hard performance and prolongs its life.
To activate it, you’ll need to search the Helper program for the Over Provisioning option and then determine the percentage you want to be acquired from the hard storage capacity.

Second: Verification of the activation of ahci from bios

The idea is simply that this mode tells your device that it deals with hard SSD or modern hard and not old HDD hard, and therefore is supported correctly such as adjusting settings automatically to comply with hard technologies and this affects the speed by 30% and this is done through the bios screen or uefi where you find them The SATA Controller Mode option selects it and presses Enter to choose from the AHCI menu instead of Intel RST Premium or IDE, then save the settings from the Exit section and restart the computer

Third: Install the manufacturer’s plugin

It gives you a lot of useful features and tells you if there is a new update to Firmware and tells you about the state of the disk and the errors that he suffers and also provides you an easy way to activate the trim command and put the RAPID and make a test for the speed of hard and other programs:

Samsung Magician
Kingston SSD Manager

Fourth: Activate high performance power plan

Balance Power plan balances the right performance of components and battery lengths, but to get the highest efficiency, you must select the High performance option from windows power settings.

And advice do not mess with the settings as the system applies all the changes required to automatically enhance ssd performance such as activating TRIM and disabling automatic defragmentation

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