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Japan is inventing a synthetic tail that humans can wear to do the job.

Japan is one of the most technologically used countries, since if you visit it you will find that all things there have been equipped with technology to be more used and useful, but sometimes Japan produces some strange inventions that will not come to mind, such as the tail that Japan recently produced and That humans can wear.

This artificial tail has been named Arque, and can be worn during daily activities, and it may seem to you at first glance that it has no use, but in fact the goal of its invention is to help the human to maintain his balance while walking or performing his daily tasks, and this has been developed Invented specifically for two categories of human beings, the first category is the elderly who are over the age of 60, since Japan suffers from the rise of this age group, this invention will help them to remain productive as it will provide them with the power in addition to the exercise of their daily tasks.

The second category is the workers who transport goods and heavy objects, as this dell will help them to maintain their balance which will reduce the accidents of work, it tries to adjust the balance of the body according to the movement of the person wearing it and you can see it in the picture above.

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