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The most important things you should know about youTube’s new COPPA law (Important for YouTubers)

If you are a fan and a fan of sailing on the internet every day especially the platform YouTube giant video platforms on the Internet, you must be starting to see these days the term COPPA, which is a law related to the privacy of YouTube users and the policy of using it, and this is what we came today to explain to you in detail on the blog of Hoho For information, we will also explain to you the relationship of this law to the creators of youTube content.

COPPA is, of course, an abbreviation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, a 1998 U.S. law that was implemented in 2000 and its main purpose is to establish rules on how online entities collect child data (which he knows). The law is in the name of those under the age of 13.
Although it is U.S. law, it applies to U.S.-based companies regardless of where their users are located, the law contains many requirements and restrictions, but the most important part of COPPA is that it requires explicit permission from corporate parents to collect and use Data for children.
In September 2019, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is responsible for coppa enforcement, filed a $170 million fine against YouTube for violations of this law, and it was by far the biggest fine paid for violating this law, the company’s primary crime was to use the date of viewing children under the age of 13 for Purpose to show targeted ads to videos, because the site didn’t get parental permission to track this data.

In addition to the financial penalty, the Commission has asked the company to establish a new system that respects this law on its statutes, where it must allow creators to distinguish their videos as child-specific or not so that the platform can comply with COPPA rules, and the site has already released details about This system where the burden falls on individual creators, let’s take a look at these new rules and explain what they mean to your channel.
In November 2019 YouTube published its new measures to comply with coppa rules, these rules come into force on January 1, 2020, channels will now need to select each video as made for children or otherwise, you can choose to set up your entire channel which will be automatically applied to all clips Your video but you still have to confirm it every time you upload a new video.
As a summary, you should know that this new assignment is different from the age restrictions on YouTube, the video becomes age-restricted either by the owner of the channel or by the site automatically after review, often sections containing strong language, sexual content or violence. And dangerous activities are age-restricted. When this happens, users under the age of 18 who have not logged on to the site and those in restricted mode will not see the video, age-restricted videos are also not eligible for income. You must now have a basic understanding of how the new YouTube rules will affect you, we hope this article will help you but unfortunately we can’t provide legal advice, so if you are interested in how these new rules affect you we advise you to speak to a lawyer or communicate with the platform directly, that’s why we invite all Content makers on the YouTube platform to see and act on the laws and procedures provided by COPPA.

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