Downloading through torrent files is one of the best ways to share files on the internet where there is on torrent all kinds of files whether free or paid that are shared for free if you do not find a file looking for it online you can search for it on torrent search engines and by a large extent you will find your file that Looking for it but when you try to download the file you find that it does not work on regular download programs and needs a special program to download it so in this blog we will learn a great way to download torrent files directly by using the application telegram only .

The application of telegram is more than a social networking application where you can add an assistant to your channel on the telegram and it is called bot is programmed to do various tasks and we will talk today about a bot that converts the magnetic link Magnit Link or torrent files .torrent to a direct link with high efficiency and can download it without the need for any programs to download the torrent use bot all you have to subscribe to the application of telegram and then search for the boot ID which is @torrentleech_bot in the search box above the application and then subscribe to the bot to start using the bot.

In order to convert the torrent file to a direct link all you have to click on the mark add file and choose the file from your phone to be uploaded and start the conversion process and you must wait a little until the conversion process is complete and you get the direct download link as in the picture as you can search for torrent files using the bot by writing command /s followed by the name of the file as follows /sman Aqua

You can upload the files you transfer to your Google Drive account but you must link your Google Drive account first with the bot by typing the command /GDrive
Bot ID: torrentleech_bot@

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