I’ve already commented on more than one occasion that activating whatsapp’s dark mode will soon be possible.
Those in charge of the popular messaging app are working to make it a reality before the end of the year. In fact, we’ve already seen some screenshots that have been leaked for how it looks or how it works. However, because the function is not yet complete, changes may be included or some things removed. This is exactly what happens with the latest version of WhatsApp, an Android beta version that lets us know that WhatsApp’s dark mode will be automatically activated when we have a low battery.

The trial version of WhatsApp allows us to access this news. The dark mode of the messaging app is one of those developments in this version. Where in the trial version, everything is executed, but the user “normal” can’t activate it yet.
In this case, we are talking about WhatsApp version 2.19.353, and will include an option when activated WhatsApp will automatically activate the dark mode when the battery level decreases as in the picture

These options are really interesting. WhatsApp will not only allow the face to change to dark or normal, but users will have a third option that is what we talked about.

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