With the great development that became known in the technological field in these days, we see many things and things that we would never have expected to happen possible, as technology also played an important role in our daily lives in various fields, most notably the field of digital communications, as we became natoa Connect very easily with our friends and family members wherever they are in this world, but have you ever thought that you can determine where someone is accurately located on the Internet, you might tell me using ip, but the latter is not enough to get a very accurate result, but there’s only a way that experts can This is what we are reviewing with you today in this blog post.

We’ll use a professional script called seeker, we’ll leave you a link downloaded below.
After playing the script, it will generate a random link automatically, the latter leads you to a fictitious site generated via seeker, illusionist that it is a professional communication site that will enable you to communicate with new friends around the world, just take the link and send it to the person you want to follow either via email or p A message on a social networking site, and when the victim accesses the site and in case he presses the continue button and agrees to the terms of use that are often not read by anyone, the script will take many information about the person’s device such as the operating system, browser, information about rammies, CPU

and GPU And so the PUBLIC IP and other information that does not concern us in the case because all we will need is the longitude and latitude as shown in the picture below, and to make it easier to make it more provided by the script also provides you with a link to Google Maps that shows you the intersection of the two lines and therefore where the person is accurately located. Just paste the link in the search bar to get the result and you have successfully completed the task.

As a final note, it is preferable to use script on one of the Linux penetration systems such as Kali Linux or Barut, and you can download and finish the script by simply typing the following commands on the wave of orders of any Distribution of Linux distributions:
Git clone https://github.com/thewhiteh4t/seeker.git
chmod 777 install.sh
And then play it by typing the seeker command. 

Use your ← → (arrow) keys to browse