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Here are 3 secret search engines that have features and features that are not found in google search engine

Google’s search engine is the most used engine in the world, as no other engine can compete, but it also has a set of flaws that may make you think about looking for an alternative, such as the problem of privacy and manipulation of search results, since in recent times a former engineer at Google has stated On that it uses algorithms that manipulate search results to show you the content that you want is, this makes us think about looking for an alternative, so I liked to know you on this subject on 3 unusual engines as they provide you with non-quality features on Google and other engines so follow with me.

1- Gibiru :

This engine has existed since 2009 and is one of the best engines that maintain your privacy as it is not subject to any control and does not keep search records unlike Google which imposes you control, in addition to it uses encryption technology for searches and the most important thing is that it is not filtered and manipulated results since it is using you For this engine you will notice the appearance of some results that will not appear to you in the Google search engine

2- Mojeek :

This engine has a rather strange search feature but it may be useful to you at times, as it analyzes people’s reactions to anything posted on the Internet so you can filter the search results based on how people feel about those sites you are looking for, and that is by choosing one The emojis provided by the engine are similar to those on Facebook, and this engine is also characterized by privacy and non-tracking.

3- Presearch :

This engine has a wonderful property not available in others, as it enables you to earn some digital commissions through the search process only, as it offers you up to 32 pre currency, this currency is not of some great value as it is estimated to cost $0.001 but with the use of many people for it It will contribute to multiplying its values, of course it will not rely on this engine as a way to profit significantly but you can raise a few dollars from time to time without any effort.

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