When watching football, online streaming is usually one of the best options for users. Now UEFA is considering broadcasting online for its European Champions League competition in some countries, and therefore goodbye to watching this contest on television?

Theodore Theodorides, secretary-general of UEFA, does not rule out that his agency will withdraw from the sale of television rights from the traditional market to choose to subscribe to online broadcasting.
At present, the person in charge of organizing the UEFA Champions League maintains the usual state-by-country auctions to grant broadcast rights between the 2021-2022 and 2023-2024 seasons, and now, the American group CBS and British BT have only taken control of the rights in their respective territories.
The important point is that Theodore Theodores has confirmed that he does not rule out withdrawing from the sale of television rights in some markets. If the news is confirmed, UEFA will be responsible for publishing it.
Theodore Theodorides also does not rule out having partners in an online broadcasting adventure. “Right now, we have many partners and we hope to continue our partnerships”” or “we just want to be ready and have alternative options”, are some of the phrases explained by Theodoridis.

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