Google Maps, the navigation app, uses great efforts to update and provide new features for its vast user base. Now, the doctor wants to look like a social network.

The app has already focused on delivering a better experience for drivers and citizens looking to move day by day. In fact, a few weeks ago, Google Maps added new features to get a similar experience to the Waze application experience that users can take advantage of.
However, a few days ago, Google Maps opened up the possibility for users to create their profile on the app, adding a master image and a brief description. Now everything makes sense.
What Google Maps is looking for is that users can interact with each other through the app, because there are more than 120 million active members, so that it can be used to give new domains to run the app.

Via this new feature users can follow other people, as well as their favorite places. So far this test has been enabled in the following areas:
Mexico City
New york
San Francisco
São Paulo
Currently, the conditions that must be met are not specified so that they can be followed by other users, but may be linked to the level we have in the social network.

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