If you are one of those who like to search for competitions and job opportunities this topic is aimed at you, as we will address in this topic a platform provided by Google offers you a set of competitions and software challenges that you can go directly from your home to get the chance to win huge financial prizes or even the opportunity to work in a company Google, follow me with the explanation.

To access the platform enter the link at the bottom of the blog and you will directly show three challenges, the first challenge is hash code and you will need to form a team to solve an engineering problem and of course you will need a software experience, registration will start on January 2, 2020, the second challenge you can participate in is code jam and It is a test that enables you to know your abilities with the opportunity to earn up to $15 thousand, and enrolling in this challenge will start on March 3, 2020, but for the third and final challenge it is aimed at students and students where they can test their skills in this challenge to get the opportunity to work at Google, and Contrary to previous challenges, this challenge is divided into tours and you can register from February 4, 2020.

All these challenges are annual i.e. if you are not lucky this year or your software skills are still weak you can prepare for them for the coming year, and the platform has previous challenges to practice before the challenge, what are you waiting to start developing your skills to have a greater chance.
Platform link: Google’s Coding Competitions

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