It is known that Apple specializes in the manufacture of expensive devices, mainly iPhone phones, which has attracted a lot of criticism, and it became clear that Apple wants to launch a new version of the iPhone SE.

Many reports and press leaks have indicated that Apple will launch the iPhone SE 2 in the coming period, and exactly at the beginning of next year 2020, and it is also known that this phone will be of low cost phones and technical specifications as well, but now we are facing new information.

As every time the analyst specializing in Apple ming-Chi Kuo issues is the one who published the new information about the iPhone SE 2, only always the new phone is expected to be similar to the iPhone 8 as it will come with a 4.7-inch screen and a processor A13 and then a memory capacity of 3 GBA and will be available in three colors It’s red, grey and gold, and it’s going to come with a 3D Touch feature and it’ll cost around $400.

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