In recent months, we have heard or read a lot of news about new attacks and vulnerabilities exploited on Android that put users at risk. On the other hand, almost every month we see a new list of Android apps that pump malware into users’ devices, and it seems that this is not over yet.

The big question is … Why is Android a target for cyberattacks? Is it really less secure than iOS? Does Google need to invest more money and resources in security?
Although in the first place, iOS may seem safer than Android, and Google should invest more money in security, the fact is that all this is more complicated than it seems, given that Android is rated by security companies as more secure than iOS, Google is investing more money for security than Apple.

You can get more money when you attack Android than iOS

According to the latest distribution and activation figures, Android currently has more than 2.5 billion active devices in the world, while Apple has 900 million active iPhones in the market.
This means that the number of android devices is three times greater than the iPhone devices available on the market, and from there it becomes much more profitable to search for a vulnerability or try to attack the Android phone using malware, where there is a greater chance of success to steal data or spy in an Android device because there is for many devices on the market.

There is a very specific case in the foregoing is all applications that work with some types of malware to display ads “invisible”, because the ability to infect more devices on Android compared to iOS translates to a greater probability of profit, in addition to that in Android it is easier to infect the device than For all, install APK files.
Therefore, the logic of understanding why underoid is being attacked more than iOS, where the greater its market share, the greater the chances of success.

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