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4 Ways to Profit From Artificial Intelligence Without A College Degree | Some of them don’t need any experience.

The world is now geared towards investing in artificial intelligence, most companies invest huge amounts of money in this area, and among these companies we find Google, Facebook, Amazon and others, this makes the opportunity to get a bigger job, so I would like to know you in this new topic on 4 ways you can Through it the joy of artificial intelligence so follow with me the explanation

1- Profit from data collection:

This method does not need you to learn anything, the field of artificial intelligence depends a lot on the data that enables the machine to learn, and what you need is to collect and sell data on a mini-service site or on the Dawex platform or Data & sons, but what kind of data is required? All data is required, whether it is text, images or even voices, but provided that it is arranged and in a large quantity legally and ethically legitimate and not stolen.

2-Work as freelancer:

You can work as an independent or freelancer with the help of companies and people in their projects and the most sought-after areas are computer vision or computer vision and LNP processors, and the most popular platforms that provide you work as an independent are:  mostaql ، upwork  freelancer

3- Participating in challenges and competitions:

If you think your level of artificial intelligence has become more professional, you can take part in some challenges that might make you rich at a glance where you can get up to $5 million, but provided you outperform the other competitors in solving some issues related to Artificial Intelligence, here are some sites. Which offers a range of challenges:  xprize ، kaggle ، battlecode

4- Profit from the content industry:

All you have to do in this area is to post what you have learned on one of the platforms such as  udemy orcoursera  for the subscription amount, or you can make a blog to publish educational content and profit from advertising, and for the science arabic content in the field of artificial intelligence is rather poor so we engage to your knowledge will help her a lot and will achieve Good money.

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