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Top 4 Android apps to search for anything using your phone camera

When we want to search for information, search engines make it easier to find information or buy products, but in case there are pictures and we want to search what is inside, then you should know that there are applications that allow us to search for images where it allows you to upload a picture to search them instead of entering text.

Here are the best apps for searching for things with the camera on Android devices.
CamFind Visual Search Engine
Once you take a picture using this tool the application matches them with the pictures available on the Internet and determines what you are looking for when you want to look for pictures you just open the application and take the picture and you will get to see the relevant pictures, or shopping for the item, or watching the videos related I’m not going

Google Lens

All Android and iOS users can now use the app to search for photos
On Android the Google Lens application is available as a standalone application while iOS users can access the application through google photos application by opening the image you captured and pressing the Lens icon then the visual search engine from Google will analyze the image, and the results will include a link To google’s image search page.


The app lets you choose photos from your studio or by taking the photo directly, plus you can link your Dropbox account.

Photo Sherlock

The app comes with a simple user interface, where you are allowed to search reverse using images by taking pictures directly using the camera, once you upload the image, you can choose to crop the image to focus on the main element, then the application brings the result of the search from Google.

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