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Top Three Apps for Creating a Professional Resume

They say that the key to getting a good job is to make a good CV. The way in which we design, organize and develop this personal document is a clear reflection of how we exist. Therefore, when creating a curriculum, we must do our best until the employer takes care of our services.

Fortunately, technology in these types of situations provides us with many tools that can help us. Here are 5 apps where you can easily create an attractive and free resume from your Android device.

CV Maker

With CV Maker, you won’t have to worry about document organization, as it provides you with many templates that you should only fill in your top data. In less than 5 minutes, you can create a good resume.
The application does not require registration, it is free and allows you to send a CV created by email directly from the app.

Resume Builder App Free

This app offers you endless templates to create a professional resume. In addition, we are allowed to export a CV created in PDF format so that we can share it through any application.
Thanks to this app, we can sort out our work experience, grades and educational level in a great way to impress the employer. As if that wasn’t enough, it allows us to customize the document and change the colors and font of the letters, as well as add photographs or logos, so that our resume is as original as possible.

Resume Builder Free app CV maker with PDF Download‏

If what you’re looking for is a simple app that only gives you the templates you need to compile your RESUME, this is the right app for you. It’s easy to use, allows you to save the document in PDF format and is free (despite ads). It has an auto-save function, in case you forget to save the CV that you are editing.

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