The latest version of Windows 10 already includes one of the most anticipated features: the ability to make and receive phone calls from your computer.
Although Microsoft has not succeeded with Windows Phone, changing its strategy towards services is still very useful for Android. Not only our high quality applications from Microsoft, but also the integration of Android mobile devices and Windows computers.

When it comes to work, integration between a PC and a mobile phone becomes increasingly necessary. Instead of looking at the mobile phone from time to time, the connection between both devices accelerates the workflow dramatically. Microsoft knows this well, so in order to improve the experience between Windows and Android it has launched the important Application Your Phone Companion.
This app continues to evolve, and since the latest version of Windows 10 Insiders, the app has a new function that was highly anticipated: the ability to make or receive calls.

What do I need to make phone calls from my computer?

It is important to mention again that this new functionality is available to Insider users so far, and these are the requirements to be able to test this new post:

  • Android 7 mobile phone or higher version.
    Windows 10 pc with Blulott.
  • Windows 10 build 18362.356 or higher.
    In addition, it is necessary to update your Your Phone app. Microsoft indicates, however, that it may take a few days for the job to appear, so be patient.

  • App Link: Your Phone Companion

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