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The Google Wi-Fi Expert gives you 5 ways to strengthen your home Wi-Fi and speed up the Internet

In the video, Sanjay Noronha, product manager for networks and wireless networks at the Google Wifi team, explains some tips for users to optimize their Wi-Fi network.

It is necessary to get the best connection possible, especially if there are many devices connected simultaneously. Therefore, try following the tips below to make your connection speed more effective.

Try to keep the router as focused as possible *

Due to the nature of the radio channel, Wi-Fi router signals are weakened either by distance to the router or by obstructions in its path, whether it’s walls, furniture, or any other element.
Placing the router at the entrance door next to the ground line, in one corner of your home, will cause signals to pass through the walls to your bedroom or other rooms, weakening the signal. The same thing happens if we hide it in furniture or shelves, especially with metal elements.

Consider the possibility of a Wi-Fi network *

If there is no possibility to move the main router because it is connected to fiber or cable at an immovable point, it is best to think of WiFi Mesh with different devices connected to each other to provide a larger wireless network and with more access points.
It’s the solution that many existing routers or APs already allow, as well as Google Wifi, make it easier to configure one larger network, with better and more consistent coverage of all smart devices in the home.

Router Update *

If your router is already out of date, you may no longer receive updates, so firmware update means that performance will improve considerably. This way, your devices will have much faster connections.
Choose a very difficult password
Customize your WiFi password and try to make it as complex as possible, as other users can guess it using software and this will slow down the connection. If the network is open or your password is simple, it will be very weak and safe to protect.

Create WiFi for guests *

It is very common to provide a Wi-Fi password for all people visiting your home, but the best in these cases is to set up a private network for these types of events. This will keep your devices safe and guests can experience optimal and fast connectivity because the router will deploy the network in parallel.
If you want to know more details, you can take a look at the Google expert video.

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