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How to download Stroy from Instagram

If you have an Instagram account, you will definitely see a lot of Stroy that the people you follow are posting.Of these, there may be a short video you want if you can get it to share it with your followers or friends or keep it.

What most people do not know is that you can easily download any Stroy from Instagram using many simple methods, and we will share with you in this post two of these ways.

Method 1

The first way is to use a site called instaview.me, which is a very simple site, all you have to do is access it to find that the interface in this way:

Now what I have to do is put the username of the account you want to download the store, and then press the search button.

What will happen next is that the site will review you all the story that was published by that account and under each story Stroy will find the download button and which after you click on it will download the story Stroy on your smartphone and this method works on Android and also iPhone

2 – The second method

The second method, which is intended for Android phone users, is through the use of an application called Story Saver App, which is an application once you download and run it reviews you Alstori for all the people you follow in Instagram.

And so you can download any story you want on your device very easily through the application.

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