In this article we will talk about a program called WinFi Lite, a program for Windows 10 created to analyze wireless networks. This will help us a lot in managing the WiFi networks around us, as well as knowing them in depth

To get started, we’ll let you know that we can now download WinFi Lite directly from the official Windows 10 Store, Microsoft Store. So once we download and install it on our Windows PC, we find an attractive user interface with lots of information. Although they contain many information, they are very well organized and you can easily understand them.

The program displays a list of WiFi networks that it finds during the search when it is turned on. Additionally, this is a list that is automatically updated by default, although we can click the Stop button in the upper-right corner, next to the network adapter.

You should also keep in mind that each discovered network is listed with the BSSID, network name, RSSI provider, domains, channels, security, uptime and more information you need. At the same time when you click on any network, its details are displayed in the bottom panel, where we can find more information about this network, and you will also see the signal level and channel from which you are broadcasting below. Here’s what we’ll see are graphics showing the specific WiFi network strength.

These graphical signals we found provide comparisons with other nearby networks, so each color indicates each WiFi network found during the scan. This will be very useful to verify that channels or signal intensity are being used effectively.

In order to access all this information in the best way, WinFi Lite has many filtering options. This allows us to show only a subset of networks or some of the information we find useful. We can also sort the grid table or change to another view mode. For all this we can say that WinFi Lite is a very useful program for professionals, as well as for users who want to know the nearby wireless networks deepl

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