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Compilation of the best courses to learn 3 different languages and free

Learning languages is one of the most important things in the life of any person, regardless of his job. In this article we will provide the best courses to learn more than one language and professionally and very reliable.

First: English

To learn this language you can take this course provided by the British Council which is one of the best in the world in providing courses related to English.
  The course contains 12 levels and is offered free of charge and at the end of the course you get an accredited certificate.

Second: French

I advise a lot of this course, adopted which contains 42 studied the highest quality and nice to the course provided by the very professional people in the language and contains partial exams and comprehensive exams to be able to finally get a certified certificate you can put it in your CV.

Third: Chinese language

Here is the best course in my Chinese language, which includes 35 lessons of two and a quarter hours, and it is nice to explain in Arabic and English and thus you learn two languages at the same time, not to mention that during the course you will receive many tests to ensure you follow the course as you will Certified as soon as you have completed the end of course exams.

This was the best full course on the Internet in learning the most famous 3 languages, God willing, we will try weekly to provide courses for many other languages such as Russian, Turkish, German and many others so as to advance the Arab youth towards modern science and keep pace with the progress of the West in various fields.

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