Everything you need to know about hacking and tracking UIDH technology

Perhaps for the first time you hear this term and in fact you have an excuse in this because this technology is already unknown but is used in many things related to tracking and theft of user data, and recently banned companies and sites that used this technology to steal people’s data, and in this article We will try to touch more on this very important technique.

At the beginning of 2016, Verizon used this technology, also called Super cookie, to steal and sell user data in large amounts, but the FCC, the Federal Communications Agency, disclosed the order and fined the company $ 1.3 million and forced the company to delete all user data. She took it.

This technology is simply cookies like the sites currently in use, but the difference is that UIDH uses very fierce cookies whose sole purpose is to collect data about users. Even after exiting the browser completely, it logs everything you do online.


This technology also uses ISP, which is a software that can access between the Internet server and your computer and therefore can access all your passwords easily, and unfortunately this technology is not yet clearly recognizable because the ad-removal programs themselves do not recognize them, But the solution that has been put forward by experts so far to avoid this technology that is spreading is to use the VPN service and, God willing, will deliver from this.

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