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3 Android apps you don’t know you should try in your phone

There are many applications that appear daily on the Google Play Store, some of which are worth trying and some of which you may not like to use, and in this topic we will save you the trouble of searching and share with you 3 new applications deserve to be installed on your Android phone

1 – Application Magic Video Editor

The first application with us is Magic Video Editor, which is an application that can be said literally that it is more than wonderful, as it allows you to add cinematic and fantasy effects to your video

Where you can convert any video of your own clip to science fiction as if you make yourself a superhero or something similar, the only disadvantage of the application that it is available paid and you can benefit from it only for 3 days free.

Download Magic Video Editor

2- PHAROS AR application

The application of PHAROS AR is not known to many, but it provides a rather fun feature, from which you can view the symbols and graphics in reality from your smartphone, where it relies on augmented reality technology to make the symbol or drawing on the ground looks real.

Just download the app and point the camera to the place around you and then choose the icon you want to appear.

Download the application PHAROS AR

3 – Monument Browser application

The latest application is Monument Browser which is a browser for Android phones, perhaps this is the first time you hear about it, but it is worth trying because it has many advantages, the most important of which is that it automatically blocks ads besides that it has the feature of black mode.

It is also fast to download files and you can play videos and audio clips very quickly.

Download Monument Browser

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