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Spying on successful advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram.

Before you launch any advertising campaign on the Facebook platform, you must take the most important step of researching successful Facebook advertising campaigns that promote the same product or service that you are preparing to promote in order to collect information.

In order to do this process there are many sites that provide this feature but unfortunately paid, so we will share with you in this topic a free site that helps you to know the advertising campaigns on Facebook and take a look at them without paying anything, which is a site called bigspy.

The method of using bigspy site is very simple, as all you have to do is access it via the link below, and then you access the site which you will find that it contains a box you only have to write the name of the product or service or the thing you intend to promote inside it

The site will then ask you for some additional data, such as the country, the purpose of the advertising campaign and other things in order to provide you with advertising campaigns similar to what you will do and the results are very accurate.

You will then see all the advertising campaigns currently available on Facebook with the percentage and number of interactions with each ad or campaign.

You can apply the same method to Instagram, Twitter, Google Adsense and Pinterest where the site allows you to search for campaigns in all these platforms.

Bigspy website

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