The name Stalkerware refers to a user who uses social networks to spy or monitor other people anonymously. These methods of criminal laws in several del are considered a practice constituting a crime.

These apps are those that work on spyware or mobile phone surveillance. In most cases, once installed, these applications leave no trace on the mobile phone, and in many cases this is that the victim victim is not aware of anything.

Although these apps may have good use, such as being used by a father or mother who wants to know the whereabouts of her minor child, they are usually not used in good faith.
As Avast reported in a statement, Google decided to remove up to seven different apps that serve this purpose from its app store. Specifically, these apps monitored the phone owner’s location, collected information from his contacts, and even allowed access to the content of their messages and call history.

All these facts are exacerbated when these applications are used by jealous people to control their partners or wives, and unfortunately for victims, finding information on the network for this type of application is usually not very common as one of these warnings. Articles published by researchers at Cornell University in New York. Fortunately, these types of proceedings can be convicted and end up in courts of violence against women.

In short, be sure to install one of these apps on someone’s phone with their consent.In addition to being unethical, we may commit a crime that we will punish in law if the other party disagrees, and if you think your partner is monitoring your phone and spying on your site or Access your conversations, get rid of these apps and notify the authorities.
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You know you have in your phone apps you do not see spy on you and send all your phone data to someone without you know

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