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How to take a long picture of any conversation on WhatsApp

Those who use WhatsApp a lot to talk, surely should have taken a copy or screenshot to keep the conversation or resend it as a picture to anyone else. Although it’s a simple process, capturing footage from long conversations may not be easy.

Luckily, if you’re using an Android phone, you can easily take screenshots of a long chat on WhatsApp, so you only have one photo. Here’s how to save screenshots of long conversations in WhatsApp as a single photo.

To accomplish the above task, you need to install an application on your smartphone and this app called “LongShot”.

  When you first open the app, you must give it the required powers. It is necessary that the program can save the captured images on your mobile phone.

On the program’s home screen, select the Quick Mode option and tap the icon next to it. Then, grant the required permission

Again in the main application screen, tap the “Capture” icon and “Start now”;

Now that the LongShot app is running correctly, you should open the desired conversation in WhatsApp and click “Start” to start capturing. When you are finished, click “Finish”;

On the new screen, make sure everything is as you want and click “Save.” Now wait for the program to finish saving the image.

You can watch the following video to see how the app works:

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