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7 Android Apps will turn your smartphone into a remote control for any device

Thanks to the technological development that we see today in many of the devices we use in our homes, you can now manage and control these devices through your smartphone only. Yes, you may not need a huge amount of remote controls, it is enough to install one program in your phone to be able to control everything in your home and easily.

  1. Android TV Remote

This app allows you to control any TVs and receivers with your Android TV. The interface provides basic navigation, a D-Pad, a touchpad, and the ability to type using the on-screen keyboard. A separate button activates the microphone Activates the microphone for voice search.

  1. Peel Smart Remote

Combines a remote control and a program for TV recommendations. The Peel Smart Remote will identify your service provider and tell you what to see and when to watch it. The longer the usage, the more accurate the recommendations.

  1. SURE Universal Remote

This universal gadget is suitable for almost any technology: televisions, controllers, media players, projectors, air conditioners, and even smart vacuum cleaners. In addition, the app lets you stream photos and videos from your phone to your smart TV. There is also support for Apple TV, Chromecast, and Android TV.

  1. AnyMote Universal Remote

Another app that can replace all remotes in your home, including devices connected via Wi-Fi. A detailed set of controls are available, and even the ability to create macros lets you perform many actions by pressing a single button.

  1. Mi Remote

This app was developed by Xiaomi, but it is not exclusive to these branded smartphones.

  1. Unified Remote

With this application, the smartphone can be turned into a computer control panel. This will allow you to play audio in the music player, control video playback, navigate through presentations, write browser links, and even work with files. Supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

  1. ZaZa Remote

Very simple application with the ability to quickly switch between keyboards for any technology. You can control hundreds of different devices from your smartphone only. This app uses infrared to control these devices.

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