Privacy no longer exists on the internet. It is true that an IP number is not personal identity, but with the vast amount of information that users share minute by minute, no effort is required to figure out something about someone. At the same time, there are applications and services that do not offer much to hide your digital identity, unless an objective and smallpox solution is implemented.

Whonix is an operating system that uses the Tor network and virtualization to provide a completely isolated “anonymous” environment, which means it is impossible for anyone to know who you are.

Any free software that can monitor open connections can help you be anonymous when connected to the Internet, but some of these programs share the approximate IP number and location, which can also happen on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. In general, you do not have direct control over the connections that are created, maintained, or terminated, and what they can and cannot share.

The equation becomes more complex when unsafe applications appear, or current updates are always for the operating system. There are many options to hide the identity of your connection, and Tor is one of them, but instead of using a simple browser, why not make the entire operating system and every required connection pass through that network?

This is the goal of Whonix, an operating system formerly known as TorBOX. Whonix is ​​based on Debian, VirtualBox, and Tor. what’s the idea? Whonix includes two virtual environments: one is Tor that allows you to completely hide and prevent the surveillance from tracking you, and plays the role of an “impregnable gate”, while the Debian platform in a completely isolated network.

The only way this second environment should go to the web is through the Tor access door, where it identifies any connection that can be requested by either the user itself or an application that does not take precautions to protect user privacy.

 The theory behind Whonix is ​​very good, however, there are some details to consider. The most important one may be that based on the virtualization system, the maximum security level that Whonix can automatically achieve is related to both native environment security and virtualization security itself such as Windows and Mac via VirtualBox, Linux via VirtualBox, KVM, or Qubes OS as a third option. For starters, it is recommended to limit everything to VirtualBox, it is the fastest and easiest.

While you are using this system, you can use the programs and servers and connect as you want and as you wish, no one can track you, your DNS is confidential, and even if someone can penetrate you will not be able to get the original IP of your device


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