CCleaner / CCleaner
The best program to clean and improve the performance of the computer
Unlike most registry cleaning programs (which do most harm most often),
CCleaner is worthy of recognition,
It actually improves the performance of your computer and helps Windows run more smoothly.

CCleaner detects and removes unnecessary files and applications,
 Which were the remnants of old incomplete uninstallations.
 Its main advantages are its ability to remove traces of Internet browsing and its way of organizing hard disks.
 When you install CCleaner, you can rest assured that others are eavesdropping on your browsing history,
 You can also choose to remove duplicate and unnecessary files, which take up a lot of hard disk space.
Despite the simplicity of CCleaner program, but it is the most popular among the cleaning programs of the computer running Windows.
 CCleaner protects your privacy as you browse the Internet and makes your computer perform faster and safer.
 I have this program a classic screen interface,
 It uses deep scanning to help you detect and then remove unnecessary files and applications,
 Resulting in more hard disk storage,
 Allows Windows to run more smoothly. You can also choose which files you’d like to remove,
 But this requires some manual intervention. It also removes traces of your online activity, including browsing history,
 In addition, CCleaner has a fully-featured registry cleaner,
 This allows you to control the registry data on your computer
 Or remove unnecessary data from them for different applications or programs.

License: Free
File Size: 14.3 MB
Version: 5.59.7230
Last updated: 4/7/2019
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Languages: English, Arabic, French

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