Makeup is a strange and beautiful thing. While not really “necessary” it is something that helps a lot of people express themselves of feel more confident. You might think that makeup is a rather new commodity, something that we now have time for, but surely people in the old days didn’t bother with this gimmicky stuff. But actually makeup dates back to ancient times and has a very rich history. For example, in Ancient Egypt makeup played such an important role that makeup pots have been found even the most modest tombs, because Egyptians believed they would need it in their afterlife. Let’s take a look at some of the first makeup products that people used.

1. Perfume
Perfume nowadays is something fancy, but in Egypt in 10 000 BC women used scented oils and creams for hygiene reasons and to keep their skin soft and protect it from the harsh sun and dry winds. Lily, peppermint, lavender, rose and myrrh oils were also a big part of religious rituals. It really looks like perfume played an integral part in the lives of Egyptian folk back in the day.

10 First MakeUp Products People Used In Ancient Times | Her Beauty

2. Eyeshadow
What was life like before Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes and Too Faced cosmetics? Well it was pretty colorful. Even in ancient times Egyptians used malachite powder on their eyelids. They ground up this green mineral and adhered it to their eye area using oils or animal fat. It was essentially the first kind of eyeshadow. Some studies suggest, that malachite powder was also a good way of protecting eyes from various infections, so you know, the first eyeshadow wasn’t just pretty, it served a medical purpose too.

10 First MakeUp Products People Used In Ancient Times #2 | Her Beauty

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