Who doesn’t like a perfect photograph? Whether it is the professional cinematographer or your next-door selfie lover, everyone quenches for that one single perfect photograph of theirs. And very rarely, a photograph appears which seems to break the norms of naturalness. They are so perfect or bizarre that people start to question their authenticity. When captured at the perfect time within the perfect frame, a photograph can do more wonder than one can ever imagine. Today, we are going to take a look at 80 of such breath-taking photographs which will make you look at them for a much longer time than you usually do staring at a photograph. So, here’s presenting for you 80 bone-chilling perfectly timed photos taken at the right moment.

  1. Being Canine Human
Being Canine Human

We start our list with this photograph at number 80. Sometimes, small things found at home when captured at apt time creates a masterpiece, and this one is no different. A great photograph to start our list with, here we see a woman busy in her culinary activities along with her pet dog. The perfectly positioned lower body of the dog and the upper body of the woman makes it seem that this is a whole new creature entering the kitchen territory.

  1. Seeing Through His Eyes
Seeing Through His Eyes

Next up at number 79 is this click. A close-up/selfie, the photograph has a man posing with a macaw giving an illusion that they share a face and have one eye each for themselves. The eye colour of both the man and the macaw matches, making it even bizarre. Talk about Co-incidences!

  1. Idea for a Masque Party?
Idea for a Marque Party

At number 78 comes a photograph which would put all the masque party looks of yours to shame. Having perfectly positioned behind a butterfly at the right time, this photograph makes it seems that the woman is wearing a mask. It is even weird when you focus on the two big dots on the butterfly, which acts as the pupils for the eyes!

  1. The NoseJob
The NoseJob

The world of sports can provide can plenty of jaw-dropping photograph if captured on the right time. Here’s to prove that is our photograph at number 77 where at a basketball match, a player while stopping another player from scoring a basket reaches out to more than he bargained for.

  1. The Bird’s Prey
The Bird's Prey

Coming in at number 76 is another photograph involving a bird. Capturing the perfect moment of its flight, the photograph gives the illusion of the bird carrying the car on the ground and transferring it in thin air in a similar way as it would do to its prey.

  1. Foot in the Mouth
Foot in the Mouth

Grabbing the 75th spot in our list of 80 bone-chilling perfectly timed photos taken at the right moment is this photograph. Gymnastics is another field where there would be an abundance of splendid photographs as evident by this one. Captured perfectly, it seems that the gymnast has lost her head and has replaced it with her leg, where in fact, her head is just tilted down.

  1. Androgynous

If you are thinking that’s the latest fashion trend, you are heavily mistaken. If you look closely at our number 74 photograph, then you will see that the table that the bartender is standing behind has a mirror in front of it and it is merely reflecting the image of the woman in front of it. Gotcha!

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